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As the market of legal service and legal education is becoming more and more globalized and the collaboration between legal professionals from different jurisdictions is in demand, Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School is pleased to announce the only LL.M. Program in Chinese Law in Shanghai 2010.

The new LL.M. program is designed to offer high-quality legal education to foreign law students and legal professionals who are interested in or have professional, business or other links with China. By joining the program, international law students will learn the fundamentals of the Chinese legal system which will help advance their career in the increasingly global profession.

KoGuan Law School is developing a number of international programs. These programs are based on our vision, strength, and the long tradition of academic excellence in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, one of the oldest and best universities in China. Located in Shanghai, China’s most important economic, financial, transportation, and trade center, KoGuan Law School is no doubt a very attractive place to pursue Chinese law degree or conduct China related legal studies. In the meantime, our law students will also receive legal education overseas according to the exchange programs with our international partners and bring institutional knowledge home.

The fast development of our international programs is partly due to the fact that our faculty has strong connections to overseas universities and institutions and many of them are graduates of foreign law schools. I myself have taught law in Japan for nearly two decades. Our faculty’s international backgrounds will certainly help facilitate the comparative law research for international students and legal professionals.

In addition to our strong international links, KoGuan Law School has also built long-term and high-level strategic cooperative relations with city and district legislatures, governments, courts, arbitration institutions, leading law firms and multinational enterprises in Shanghai. International students and scholars will not only have a chance to study in classroom with our outstanding law faculty who are known for their commitment to students but also to experience instructive, inspirational and diverse study trips or internship opportunities.

Moreover, living in Shanghai allows international students and scholars to taste the combination of different cultures. The metropolis is fascinating, eye-opening and cosmopolitan, and will be a home away from home for everyone. International students and legal professionals will be immersed in the culture and natural beauty of the Eastern China. Shanghai Jiao Tong University and surrounding communities also offer outstanding sports, entertainment, and dining options as well as outdoor activities. With easy access to the major cities and tourist resorts in the Yangzi Delta, such as Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, etc., you will have ample opportunity to enjoy your time here.

The international programs have an ambitious vision for global legal education at KoGuan Law School. They provide opportunities for both Chinese and international students and legal professionals. They position them as global citizens and provide them with the knowledge base and cultural understanding that they need in order to succeed in the 21st-century world. International programs connect the students, faculty, and staff of KoGuan Law School to the world.  And international students and legal professionals participating in international programs are ambassadors of their own countries. Our degrees, diplomas, certificates, scholarships, and programming offer remarkable opportunities on campus and abroad, generate intellectual excitement, heighten cultural diversity, and give all of us access to vital international knowledge.

Welcome to international programs at KoGuan Law School! Let the international programs be your connection to China as well as the global community.

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