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KoGuan Law School offers opportunities for foreign scholars and students to pursue their research and study in Chinese, comparative and international law using the resources available through KoGuan Law School and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Each year KoGuan Law School is able to host a limited number of international Visiting Scholars, Visiting Researchers and Visiting Students, who are usually faculty, post doctoral fellows, and law students at foreign universities and institutions from around the world. 
A Visiting Scholar is generally a law professor at another institution and a Visiting Researcher is normally someone who is doing postgraduate work or working towards a graduate degree at another institution. A Visiting Researcher must be sponsored by a KoGuan faculty member who is willing to act as a research project supervisor. The Law School provides office space with office furniture, computer, phone, internet access, air-conditioner and some basic office goods for Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers. They are expected to focus on their proposed research projects. They may participate in academic events, audit one or two courses on a non-credit basis per semester with the consent of individual instructors, and make use of library facilities for their work. They are also expected to present their research work at a research seminar or workshop and mention their experience at KoGuan if they publish their work.
A Visiting Student is usually a law student who is currently enrolled at a university/higher education institution that does not have an existing co-operation agreement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University or KoGuan Law School which allows student exchange between them(For a list of the institutions which established the student exchange programs with KoGuan Law School, see student exchange programs). Visiting Students are expected to focus their study on courses.
Visiting Scholars and Researchers normally are in residence at the Law School from one to twelve months. Applications for stays of less than one month will not be considered. Visiting Students may stay one or two semesters.
Visiting Scholars and Researchers are charged a minimum accommodation fee. For academic year 2011 - 2012, the fee is RMB 1200 per month, RMB 6000 per semester or RMB 12000 per academic year. No financial aid from KoGuan Law School is available for Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers. The accommodation fee is exempted for faculty members from partner schools.
Visiting students need to pay regular tuition (RMB 50,000 per semester) for their studies. They are eligible for partial tuition-waive scholarship, which may pay up to one fifth of the tuition.


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