KoGuan Law School seeks funding to attract and retain first-class scholars and rising stars, especially faculty with interdisciplinary interests, and those with international and clinical education expertise. Moreover, in order to continue to attract the most promising students, we must have a robust scholarship program. Our donation program offers an unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the future of KoGUan Law School. Your contribution to this top educational institution will benefit not only China but also the world through the results of our research and the future leaders we educate.

Since the Law School was founded in 2002, we have recieved a significant amount of donations from generous donars, both domestic and overseas. Our major overseas donars include:

Leo KoGuan Foundation: a US based foundation;
Cast Consulting Co., Ltd.: a Japanese-invested consulting firm;
Starr Foundation: a US based foundation;
General Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;
Los Angeles County Law Library;
The family of Mr. Sho Kashu;
Thomson Reuters: the world's Leading information company;
Shanghai Office of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP: a US law firm.

The law school has identified the following giving priorities:
(1) A New Model for Legal Education: to forge interdisciplinary opportunities;
(2) An International Perspective: to develop legal education in a global environment;
(3) The Clinical Education: to bridge the gap between the classroom and the courtroom;
(4) A Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law: to enhance our commitment;
(5) Scholarship: to make legal education affordable;
(6) The Foreign Language Law Book Fund: to increase our collection of foreign law books.
List of the Scholarships Established by Donated Funds

O2Micro International Ltd.
O2Micro Science and Technology Award
Xinhua International Intellectual Property (Xiamen) Service Co., Ltd.
Xinhua Intellectual Property Scholarship and Study Grant
Shanghai Sun & Hold Law Firm
Sun & Hold Scholarship
Shanghai Zhu Miaochun Law Firm
Zhu Miaochun Intellectual Property Scholarship
Li Xiaohua Law Firm
Li Xiaohua Criminal Law Scholarship
Dong Yongsen Law Firm
Dong Yongsen Intellectual Property Scholarship
General Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
GE Environmental Law Writing Scholarship
Kang Wanjun Transportation Consulting Co., Ltd.
Kang Wanjun Scholarship and Study Grant
Shanghai Office of Guangdong Alphaleader Law Firm
Alphaleader Scholarship
Shanghai Lehman Law Firm
Lehman Scholarship on Legal Science
Leo KoGuan Foundation
KoGuan Scholarship
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP of the United States
Orrick Fund for Graduating/Degree Papers on Intellectual Property
Shanghai Guoxiong Law Firm
Guoxiong Scholarship and Study Grant



Award Ceremony of the Xinhua Intellectual Property Scholarship

Award Ceremony of the Zhu Miaochun Scholarship


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