Research Centers


KoGuan Law School's research centers produce high quality work in a wide range of fields and disciplines. From law and society to constitution, intellectual property to ocean law, these "idea laboratories" host lectures, symposia, and conferences that enhance intellectual discourse and debate on campus and beyond. The programs also provide students with valuable research opportunities and the chance to work directly with faculty members on projects at the cores of their scholarly agendas.
Director: Professor Ji Weidong, Dean
The Center is an interdisciplinary research institute set up under the background of globalization to discover the relationship and interaction between law and society, especially various legal issues facing China in the era of social transformation. The research objectives of the Center focus on two challenging areas facing China in the ongoing process of social transformation -- risk governance and judicial reform. Stanford Law Professor Lawrence M. Friedman is honorary chairman of the Center.
Center for Oceans Law and Policy 
Director: KoGuan Chair Professor Fu Kunchen
The Center is established against the backdrop of the nation’s overall development in ocean affairs and the establishment of Shanghai’s International Shipping Center, and draws on the academic resources from the financial law and insurance law arenas. In addition to undertaking theoretical research and nurturing professionals in the field, the Center is dedicated to solving the various legal and policy issues facing government agencies, NGOs, and related entities in the fields of law of the sea, maritime law, marine environmental protection, and the like.
Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law
Director: Professor Zhu Mang
The Institute, founded in October 2002, is a teaching and research platform for the discipline of constitutional law and administrative law. Currently, the members of the Institute are mainly engaged in research work on such subjects as the judicial protection of citizens’ basic rights, construction of the government by rule of law, administrative behaviors, regional and urban law systems as well as local self-government.
Institute of Civil and Commercial Law
Director: Professor Han Changyin
The members of the Institute specialize in Japanese civil law, Russian civil law, company law, bankruptcy law and trust law and are well-known in China for the research work in bankruptcy law.
Institute of Environmental and Resource Law 
Director: Professor Wang Xi 
The Institute jointly runs the Sino-US Environmental Law Teaching and Research Center with the Pace University in New York and publishes Review of International and Comparative Environmental Law.
Institute of International Law
Director: Professor Xu Donggen
The Institute was found in 2003. Members of the Institute specialize in private international law, international financial law, WTO legal system, public international law, international human right law, international commercial arbitration, international investment law, and ADR.
Institute of Procedure Law and Judicial System
Director: Professor Wang Fuhua
The Institute was founded in 2002. It has undertaken a number of projects of the National Social Science Foundation and has established extensive academic cooperation relationships with academic institutions at home and abroad.
Institute of Economic Law
Director: Professor Wang Xianlin 
The Institute was founded in April 2006. The main fields of research are general theory of economic law, competition law, treasury tax law and financial law. Currently, the Institute has several research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial level.
Institute of Criminal Law
Director: Professor Zhang Shaoqian
The Institute is a research organization under the Law School. Its research work focuses on various difficult and complicated issues emerging in criminal judicial practices in China and to provide reference opinions for correctly dealing with criminal cases and preventing various crimes.
Center for Intellectual Property
Director: Professor Shou Bu
The Center was founded on April 26, 2004. It aims to form a high-quality and internationalized research team and conduct multi-disciplinary research on major real-life issues in the field of high-tech intellectual property rights protection.
Center for the Study of Arbitration Law
Director: Professor Zheng Chengliang 
The Center is co-sponsored by Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School and the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and was founded on April 12, 2006. It is the first arbitration research center jointly established by a law school and an arbitration commission in Shanghai. Relying on the geographical advantages of Shanghai as China’s economic center, the Center contributes to the development of arbitration law and practice in China.
Center for Regional and Urban Legal System
Director: Professor Zhu Mang
The Center is the first research institution in China to study the formation and development of laws in regions and cities. It addresses the phenomenon of regional integration and urbanization, both the emerging issues in the modernization of China. At present, the research focuses are on the legal nature of government agreements in regional integration and the legal system for urban planning.
Director: Associate Professor Xu Xiaobing
Deputy Director: Associate Professor Lin Yan
The Center was founded in September 2002 and composed of research personnel of related disciplines both inside and outside the law school. It aims at strengthening the study and research of contemporary human rights issues and promoting the development of international and domestic cooperation in the field of human rights law.
Center for Competition Law and Policy
Director: Professor Wang Xianlin
The Center is an interdisciplinary research institute at KoGuan Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Founded in 2010, its purpose is to promote understanding, research, and enforcement of competition law and policy.

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