Issu 1-SJTU Law Review

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 Inaugural Editorial

[Special Theme: Constitution Law and Transitional States]

Han Dayuan  Constitutional Law and Social Consensus: From Constitutional Ruling to Constitutional Governance                                                           

Gao Quanxi  Political Constitution: Inception and Evolution                                

Chen Qingxiu  Investigating the Basic Principles of Budget Law                             

Xiong Wei  Earmarked Governmental Fund and Its Budget Characteristics                 

Zheng Ge  A Public Trust Theory of Citizenship                                          

Yang Chen  Feasibility of Confucius Constitution: A Study of the “Integrating Confucianism to Constitution” Incident in the Early Republican Era                                       

[Views and Reviews]

Huang Maorong  The Irrational Price of Real Estate and Its Regulation (part one)          

Nobuhisa Segawa  Problems in Applying Constitution Law to Civil Law Issues in Market Economy

He Haibo  Regulation of Internal Administrative Procedures(part one)                               

Liu Zongkun  The Establishment of Judicial Review in the USA Model of Separation of Powers    

Wang Zhian  Exploring the Significance of International Decisions for International Order: Dialogue between Carr and Lauterpacht?(part one)                                         

[Case Review]

Sun Weifei  Study of Cases Related to Ancestor Worship                                 


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