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    Professor Leo KoGuan attended 4710X.Y (2013) Annual Academic Conference

    Professor Leo KoGuan and Professor Xu Bing attended China Institute of Legal History 4710 X.Y2013Academic Conference
    Updated: 2013-10-22
    China Institute of Legal History 4710X.Y (2013) Annual Academic Conference – International Symposium on “Traditional Chinese Legal Wisdom and Localization of Transplanted Legal System” was held in Hangzhou, on Oct.10 - 11, 4710 X.Y (2013). At the invitation of both China Institute of Legal History and the local host Hangzhou Normal University, Prof. Leo KoGuan, Director of Leo KoGuan Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center at Peking University law School and KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Center at Tsinghua University School of Law, Prof. Xu Bing, the Executive Director and Dr. Li Ren, a research fellow of the Center, attended the conference.
    On the morning of Oct.10th, after the opening ceremony, Prof. Leo KoGuan gave the keynote speech:“Xuan Yuan's Anti-Entropic Operation System 2.0 (4708 X.Y - Eternity)”.
    (Professor Leo KoGuan is giving keynote speech)
    About 300 deputies of the Legal History conference listened to Prof. Leo’s speech with great interest. The attendees said that the speech was inspiring, interesting and deeply profound. They believed that Prof. Leo used Xuan Yuan's "Scientific-Outlook-Art" method and the modern legal concept to reinterpret and redefine Chinese legal culture over five thousand years, gave them completely new perspectives as traditional Chinese legal historians. Many attendees said they admired him, because as an oversea Chinese, he loves Chinese legal history as such he devotes greatly his time, energy, efforts to research on Chinese legal culture starting from Yellow Emperor like the previous Grand Historian Sima Qian. They were deeply impressed by Prof. Leo’s profound historic sense. Many attendees said that his research on Xuan Yuan's thought had extended their horizons by more two thousand years, because they normally research Chinese legal history from the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period. In contrast, Prof. Leo used the newly archaeological discovery of the lost Chinese treasure, Huang Di Sijing at Mawangdui in 1973, which according to the Han Grand Historian Sima Qian (145 BC–86 BC),was already lost during his time.
    In summary, Prof. Leo proposed two important ideas to promote Xuan Yuan's thought:
    Firstly, he proposed to insert and place Xuan Yuan's era within Gregorian Calendar marking it out for Chinese historical continuity as well as international cooperation. For example,October 10th, 4710X.Y (2013), thus we still use the Gregorian Calendar plus the inserted Xuan Yuan's era sandwiched in the middle to honor the achievement of our Ancestor Founder Xuan Yuan and his Co-founders who loved their people and founded culture-state China in 1X.Y about 4710 years ago.
    Secondly, he discovered that since the founding of modern culture-state China about 4710 years ago by our cultural hero Ancestor Founder Xuan Yuan and his Co-founders, China had already developed a very sophisticated concept of Scientific Outlook Rule of Law and Principle. Thus he proposed that, as the descendants of him, we are obligated to tell the world that since his founding of modern culture-state China about four thousand seven hundred ten (4710) years ago, China has already developed a very sophisticated concept of Scientific Outlook Rule of Law and Principle based on Xuan Yuan's "Loving the People" or "People-first" Principle:
    1.        Xuan Yuan's Mandate of Heaven, the world's first written super constitution that authorizes anyone to remove or/and kill any tyrant. All tyrants do not have the right to rule even if they are legally elected or appointed. Rulers' rights to rule are CONDITIONAL upon their just rule that brings Humanity and Justice to all that enables every citizen to have free-education, free health care and free material wealth in peace.
    2.        Xuan Yuan’s Jurisprudence that from Dao comes directly the Scientific Outlook Rule of Law and Principle. Since these Laws and Principles derived directly from the supreme Dao, no one and no organization have the authority above these Laws and Principles and everyone and organization are treated equally under these Laws and Principles. The great reformist scholar Shang Yang of Chin wrote in his book that during Xuan Yuan's rule, even the punished criminals were not angry, because the punishments were just.
    3.         Xuan Yuan's Da Tong is the mission of this culture-state to realize Chinese dream that each is being taken care of in which each has free education, free health care and free material wealth. To do that we must establish the Scientific Outlook Free-Lunch Economic System based on Giving first Taking later principle that empowers everyone to keep his/her pure Mengzi's child-heart to freely play with joy, fun and happiness while pursuing his/her dreams and aspirations.
    (The full text of the speech can be seen below)


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